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Service and Products You Can Count On

Special Savings This Month

Front Ceramic Brake Job

$138.95 + tax        (for most cars)

Ceramic Brakes provide the best mix of stopping power and durability.

Come by today for new front ceramic brakes at this special price.

We Specialize...

Front End Alignment     All Wheel Alignment  Brakes     Suspension     Wheel Balancing

Front End Alignment done on Bear racks with computerized alignment equipment.

Brake jobs done expertly using the finest NAPA parts.

Spin Balancing gives wheels a smooth ride at high speeds as well as low speeds.

Turning brake drums to truly round assures stopping without hesitation or bouncing.

Highly trained mechanics are the key to getting your car fixed right the first time.  Since 1946 customers have been counting on the technicians at Raley Brake & Alignment Service.

Castor and Camber must be set correctly to avoid costly damage from uneven tire wear.